Cryotherapy increases the body's resistance to stress and overload. Effective in diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal, skin diseases. It has powerful fat burning and cosmetic effects.
Especially effective is the combination of sessions in the cryosauna with other physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, sports in fitness. This allows you to enhance the effect of rejuvenating the body, increase its efficiency, defeat depression and the effects of stress.
The procedures do not require any preliminary preparation and subsequent rest of the patient.
It should be noted the absence of side effects, age restrictions, safety, rapid expansion of the list of indications for use.
The cost of the procedure:
Cryo-sauna lasting 30 seconds - 3 minutes - 8000 tg.
Contact details:
Sadykova Zhamilya Nasulbekovna - head nurse
+7 (727) 300-35-00 extension 1056

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