Gynecological service branch of JSC "LOK" Okzhetpes "" Almaty "
The sanatorium is equipped with modern medical equipment that allows for comprehensive diagnostics, outpatient and inpatient (surgical) treatment of gynecological patients.
In the sanatorium there are: a doctor’s gynecologist’s office, examination room, operating room, intensive care unit, postoperative room.
The doctor’s office is equipped with the necessary equipment, including a colposcope and BTL 5000 Combi. Colposcopy is one of the diagnostic methods that is currently widely used as a screening for background diseases of the cervix.
The BTL 5000 Combi device for combined physiotherapy (electrotherapy, laser therapy), is used to treat chronic inflammatory diseases of the female genital area and urinary tract (chronic cystitis, urinary incontinence). Electrotherapy has an anti-inflammatory, absorbable effect, improves blood circulation and metabolism. Laser therapy also has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, absorbable effects, stimulates the immune system.
In our practice, we use balneotherapy:
Gynecologist carried out
And also surgical treatment is carried out:
The cost of the procedure:
Contact details:
Khasenova Mayra Dzholboldievna - gynecologist
Omarova Gulzhakhan Kashkinbaevna - gynecologist
+7 (727) 300-35-00 ext. 4419
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