Sports grounds

Tennis court
On the territory of the sanatorium "Almaty" there are 4 tennis courts. Tennis is not only a sport, but also a way of life. This sport fills with energy and gives courage. Tennis courts of the branch of “TRC“ Okzhetpes ”Almaty” have the most popular in the world coating “Hard”. More than 50% of professional competitions in the world are held on “hard drives” of various kinds. The coating provides a very fast and stable ball rebound. Due to this property, the rebound speed is predictable, and the speed of your game is as high as possible. Haze coating completely eliminates light highlights.
 Beach volleyball court
Beach volleyball court is located near the summer pool and terrace. After the game it's nice to plunge into the coolness of the pool.
Universal playground (futsal, volleyball, basketball)
The universal playground of the sports and recreation complex at the branch of “TRC “Okzhetpes”JSC “Almaty ”is intended for playing mini-football, volleyball and 


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