Acupuncture (acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture) is one of the most effective and well-known methods of treating oriental medicine. The history of acupuncture has more than 6 thousand years. The therapeutic effect of acupuncture treatment is achieved by introducing special thin needles into the area of ​​acupuncture points (certain biologically active points) on the body surface. According to Chinese healers, these points are located on the channels through which the "vital energy" of chi circulates.
Acupuncture can be divided into corporal, auricular, Su-Joc therapy. In the first case, the impact goes to the points that are on the body. In the second, reflex zones located on the auricle are used. In the third, through the hands and feet.
For acupuncture use different types of needles.
Chinese acupuncturists claim that they can treat more than 250 different diseases.
Health is a dynamic balance of energy in the body and their unobstructed flow through the energy channels. If everything is open, there are no dams built anywhere, then all is well and the person is healthy. If a symptom of the disease has appeared (and the symptom is a signal), then it is necessary to sound the alarm and look for what is not where the flow is blocked. Using the acupuncture method (most often it is acupuncture or easier, acupuncture, but it can be wormwood and acupressure, etc.), the acupuncture doctor can correct the energy imbalance that appeared in our body and caused the aforementioned symptom through acupuncture points . As we have already mentioned, acupuncture points are a means of information-energy exchange of the human body and the environment. Carrying out acupuncture, acting on acupuncture points with the help of acupuncture, we can influence this exchange and, through energy channels, influence one or another organ, we can activate its work, or, conversely, weaken it.
Acupuncture has a pronounced effect in the treatment of most chronic diseases of internal organs, central and peripheral nervous system, musculoskeletal system, female and male problems, stress and chronic fatigue syndrome, removal of pain of various origins, treatment of allergies, acceleration of bone healing after a fracture, struggle with bad habits.

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