Stomatological service of the branch of “Ok-Zhetpes” Almaty ”JSC
Performing therapeutic treatment of caries and other diseases of the oral cavity, we use the most modern technologies and equipment. First of all, for reliable diagnosis, in the treatment of caries and its complications, the patient takes an x-ray picture of the upper and lower jaw on the latest apparatus of the company Sirona (Germany). Before treatment, the patient undergoes a comprehensive examination and on the basis of the data obtained, a plan is developed for the implementation of certain procedures and manipulations.
The basis of our work is an individual approach.
The range of services provided by the dentist-therapist is very wide:
In cases where, despite the best efforts of dentists, it is impossible to restore the tooth and the patient’s own teeth, due to various reasons, can no longer perform the functions assigned to them or do not satisfy the patient due to various aesthetic defects, the best solution is prosthetics
Types of prostheses, which are manufactured in our clinic, in our own dental laboratory:

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