The clinical diagnostic laboratory is equipped with the latest diagnostic equipment of world famous leaders
General clinical research:
Urine express analyzer Urisys 1100 (Urisis 1100)
Biochemical studies:
A25 BioSystems (Spain)
Automatic biochemical random access analyzer, as well as an apparatus for determining protein and lipid fractions
Defined parameters:
Department of hemostasis:
Allergy Diagnostics
Mini Vidas (BioMerieux S.A France)
Automatic immunofluorescence analyzer. High sensitivity, a unique panel for the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
Defined parameters:
Sperm analyzer SQA-V, (Medical Electronic System, Israel)
The most advanced sperm quality analyzer. Fast automatic analysis in less than 75 seconds. Calculation of derivatives, integrated and optional informative parameters.
Defined parameters:
Automatic hematological analyzer Sysmex KX-21N
Hematological studies:
Enzyme Immunoassay Analyzer (ELISA) MODEL 680 (Bio-RadLaboratoriesInc, USA)
Laboratory immunological method for the qualitative or quantitative determination of various compounds, macromolecules, viruses, etc., which is based on a specific antigen-antibody reaction.
Defined parameters:
PCR lab Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc, USA ICycler IQ5
Thermal cycler analyzer (amplifier) ​​for detection of nucleic acids by PCR
Defined parameters:
The cost of the procedure:
Hematology (heme. Sysmex KX-21N analyzer, Japan)
Clinic (urine analyzer Urisys 1100, Germany)
Biochemistry (Automated biochemical analyzer - A 25, Spain)
Allergens: (on an allergy analyzer mini Vidas, France)
Biochemistry (Automated biochemical analyzer - A 25, Spain)
Contact details:
Nurpeisova Gulnar Bakhytbekovna - chief specialist
Urazbaeva Rizabol Kasenovna - doctor bacteriologist
+7 (727) 300-35-00 ext. 4224, 4207, 1319

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