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Climatotherapy: who and why is being referred for treatment at climatic resorts

Climatotherapy: who and why is being referred for treatment at climatic resorts

6 march 2019

One cannot but agree with the statement that the environment directly affects a person, his health, mood, vitality. The fact that climate can affect the general state of health has been known for a very long time, but only at the end of the twentieth century did this statement form the basis of a whole science - medical climatology. Climatologists are studying the effects of atmospheric factors on humans, bioclimate dependencies, and health. Due to this relationship with some diseases, doctors recommend changing the situation, changing the place of residence, and in certain cases only a temporary move to another climate zone - that is, sanatorium rehabilitation in climatic resorts can be shown. Today we will tell about the specifics of referring patients to various climatic resorts.

What is climatotherapy?

Climatotherapy or climatotherapy is a complex treatment, the methods of which are based on the application of the measured effects of climate of a particular area and special climatic procedures on the patient, which have a positive effect on the health and on the whole on the patient's body.

Factors that influence climatotherapy in a resort area: the position of the resort area above sea level, atmospheric pressure, average and current ambient temperature, weather conditions, rainfall, intensity of solar radiation, humidity, air movement.

There are several types of climatotherapy, which are based on the effects of the environment and are used in resorts for sanatorium treatment:

  • aerotherapy - air baths and stay in the open air under certain conditions, for example, in a coniferous forest, on the seashore, or daytime sleep in the open air in special conditions
  • heliotherapy (or "sun-treatment") - dosed, carried out strictly under the control of specialists, the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the patient's body
  • thalassotherapy - treatment by sea climate and sea bathing, especially effective in combination with aerotherapy and heliotherapy
  • speleotherapy is a relatively new section of climatotherapy, consisting in the treatment of caves, grottoes, salt mines, mines, artificially created salt rooms (halotherapy) with a kind of microclimate.
  • Aerotherapy. Procedures with the use of aerotherapy are indicated for patients with various chronic respiratory diseases in the remission phase (bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis), with functional disorders of the nervous system (neuroses), patients with various cardiovascular diseases (atherosclerosis), with anemia. Staying in the fresh air has a tonic and immunostimulating effects on the patient's body, increases physical activity, normalizes metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems, improves sleep.

Heliotherapy. The use of this method of climatotherapy is indicated for patients with hypovitaminosis D, skin diseases (pyoderma, psoriasis, sluggish healing ulcers), tuberculosis of the bones and joints, circulatory diseases, and specific diseases of the respiratory organs and functional diseases of the nervous system.

Thalassotherapy. This is a powerful therapeutic and preventive method of climatotherapy and at the same time a wonderful way to relax. Sea bathing generally improves the body tone, improves the psycho-emotional state of patients. Thalassotherapy procedures are shown for various chronic diseases of the respiratory organs, for circulatory diseases in the remission phase of the musculoskeletal system, for patients with metabolic disorders.

Speleotherapy. This treatment is well suited for patients with bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory system, also has a beneficial effect on patients with hypertension and diseases of the joints, such treatment is especially indicated for various ENT diseases: sinusitis, pharyngitis and bronchitis.

Features of sanatorium climatotherapy

Conduct climatotherapy in sanatoriums can be all year round. Even in winter, they apply health-improving methods under the strict control of specialists. Such procedures are more like hardening of the body, but no one will dip into the hole of an untrained person. All climatic procedures are prescribed from the lowest doses, depending on the patient’s condition and the severity of the disease.

Procedures begin with a gentle treatment, with a small load, and gradually increase until the patient's body adapts smoothly to new conditions. Such a scheme allows the adaptation mechanism of the body to get used to higher loads, and to give the necessary healing effect by strengthening individual defense mechanisms.

Send patients to certain resorts, depending on the disease and the general condition of the person. Contraindication will always be the acute stage of any disease. For example, in diseases of the urogenital system, sanatorium treatment is shown in a dry hot climate. For the successful treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system is better to choose resorts in the foothill regions.

Of course, for the recovery of one climate is not enough. To the healing effects of climate in sanatoriums add an extensive medical base. Modern sanatoriums offer their patients a variety of medical procedures that will be an excellent addition to climate-clipping, and will contribute to the maximum effect of the treatment. You will be offered: diet therapy, physical therapy, therapeutic mineral water drinking, mud therapy, therapeutic massage, various balneological procedures. All this, combined with climatic influences, has a tremendous health effect for the patient.

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