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Features of spa treatment: the whole truth and delusions

Features of spa treatment: the whole truth and delusions

5 april 2019

How to choose a sanatorium?

90% of treatment success depends on the correct choice of sanatorium. Therefore, take this issue seriously. And do not rely only on living conditions, although this is also important. First of all, pay attention to the profile of the institution and the direction of treatment.

Ideally, the main profile should be your disease, but it is not always possible to find a sanatorium that deals only with a narrow specialization, especially hard when you have a rare disease.

Pay attention to the location of the institution. In some cases it is important. For example, if you suffer from a chronic urological disease, the best place for treatment is Mineralnye Vody resorts. Because it is there that there are mineral springs that are good at helping this ailment.

The second thing you need to pay attention to is the availability of the specialists you need (I will write more about this below) and equipping with the necessary medical equipment. A very important point, because the absence of this will lead to normal healing, and not serious treatment.

And only in third place would I put comfort, accommodation, food, etc.

Look for the official website of the sanatorium, read in detail all the information, do not neglect the calls there if you have any questions. Try to buy permits directly on the site or book on their phone.

Be sure to read the latest reviews, preferably on other resources. Thus, you can find out the features of the spa resort treatment in a particular region of your choice.

Required documents

Upon arrival at the sanatorium, you must submit documents

  • Passport
  • Vacation or booking (sometimes paid receipt)
  • Medical insurance
  • Sanatorium resort card
  • It is advisable to have an extract from the medical card, in some places require a certificate to the pool.

This list is basic for all resorts. Be sure to check the list of required documents before the trip (sometimes additional documents are required, and for people on discounted vouchers - the list is slightly different, as well as for families with children).

The main misconceptions beginners

So that you understand everything and do not take rash steps, dispel the myths about sanatorium-resort treatment and reveal the whole truth, which is better to know, before making a decision about such a trip.

The disease has worsened - I will go to the sanatorium
Imagine such a situation. Exacerbated chronic disease. You run to the doctors, you drink up the course after the course of medicine, but it does not get better and the acute state is not removed. Charter to upholster the thresholds of different offices, take the last money and buy a ticket to a sanatorium, in the hope of rest, daily observation of doctors, consultation and competent treatment.

Unfortunately, such a scenario always ends in disappointment. The thing is that diseases in the acute form do not cure in the sanatorium, they undergo rehabilitation after remission.

Simply put, one of the contraindications to treatment in such institutions is the disease at the acute stage of development.

You need to come here in remission. Then you will undergo a full course of treatment. And during the exacerbation of the procedure is contraindicated, you can only relax and get the minimum medication.

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