13 september 2019

The gastrointestinal tract (hereinafter GIT) is a system of organs that is responsible for the digestion of food, as well as the absorption of nutrients and the removal of toxins. Gastrointestinal tract includes:

• oral cavity;

• esophagus;

• stomach;

• pancreas;

• gall bladder;

• spleen;

• liver;

• intestines.

The main reasons for the development of gastrointestinal diseases are: poor nutrition, stress, poor ecology, bad habits, infections. Digestive problems often serve as a trigger for a number of diseases of the whole body, so it is important to monitor the condition of the stomach.

Recently, gastrointestinal diseases are becoming more common among people of various ages. Rapid growth in the pace of life in big cities, lack of time for good nutrition, a drop in the level of ecology, etc. lead to the fact that various violations of the functions of the stomach and intestines become a mass phenomenon. The best solution in this situation is to choose a good multidisciplinary sanatorium, where they specialize in treating diseases of the stomach, intestines, liver and biliary tract, as well as the pancreas.
Gastrointestinal treatment methods
The “Almaty Resort” medical and rehabilitation complex most effectively treats gastrointestinal diseases, thanks to its qualified specialists and advanced medical equipment. Dosed drinking mineral water is produced on the recommendation of a sanatorium doctor based on established patient’s diagnoses. Mineral water positively affects the work of the stomach, pancreas, liver, activating peristalsis and removing bile from the body.
Specialists of the sanatorium successfully use monitor bowel cleansing, which completely frees the stomach from toxins, toxins, pathogens and parasites. In our treatment and rehabilitation center, gastrointestinal tract treatment is also carried out using various types of physiotherapy, mineral and mud baths, massages, therapeutic nutrition and physical education. Our patients undergo all the necessary types of diagnostics with the help of a modern laboratory and advanced diagnostic equipment.
The following rehabilitation methods for gastrointestinal diseases are available for you in our medical and health center:
• diet therapy using drinking mineral water;
• phototherapy;
• laser therapy;
mud baths;
• galvanic mud;
• ozone therapy;
• herbal medicine;
• microclysters;
• climatotherapy.
Types of diseases
In our treatment and rehabilitation center for the treatment of the gastrointestinal tract, they successfully help patients suffering not only from regular stomach upsets, but also more serious diseases:
• gastritis;
• ulcers of the stomach and duodenum;
• pricks;
• pancreatitis;
• hepatitis of various etiologies
• dysbiosis;
• duodenitis;
• cholecystitis;
• irritable bowel syndrome;
• cholangitis;
• erosion of the stomach;
• gastroenteritis;
• functional disorders.

The material was prepared by a doctor, gastroenterologist, hepatologist, infectious diseases specialist of the highest category, head of the department of infectious diseases of the International Institute of Postgraduate Education R.T. Zhusupova


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