World Cleanliness and Air Day has passed in the sanatorium "Almaty Resort".

23 september 2019

Traditionally, World Cleanliness Day is held on the third Saturday of the first autumn month. This year, World Cleanliness Day has already passed in 169 countries - such a seemingly simple environmental action, despite its modest beginning, is changing the world.

Lexus Almaty and the Almaty Resort did not stand aloof from this green initiative and organized LEXUS ALMATY GREEN DAY as part of the annual "Toyota Green Month *" campaign.

The venue for LEXUS ALMATY GREEN DAY was not chosen by chance - the clean air of the Almaty Resort sanatorium was like an insight to everyone who invited us - would we leave our descendants with the same beautiful nature - the green of the lawns, the greatness of the mountains, the scent of pines, whether our children to breathe the same “tasty” air, or is it their destiny - all growing landfills, piles of unprocessed plastic and exhaust fumes?

Only representatives of the beautiful half of humanity were invited to an eco-picnic, because who else but a woman who is the guardian of the hearth can be entrusted with the honorable mission of keeping the Earth clean? Who, if not a woman, thinks about the cleanliness of the air that our children breathe? And who else but a woman decides which car the whole family will drive? That is why Lexus Almaty told its beautiful green ladies about its “green” cars, because few people know that the Lexus range of luxury cars includes hybrid self-charging cars while driving. No recharging, no diesel, no compromise. Whether it is a compact hatchback, SUV crossover, sedan or a sports coupe with high dynamic characteristics, Lexus self-charging hybrid cars adapt to any needs and lifestyle, while remaining eco-friendly.

LEXUS ALMATY GREEN DAY opened an eco-public talk in which guests discussed not only hybrid cars as a way to contribute to the preservation of the clean mountain air of Almaty, but also eco-habits and life hacks that help to come to an eco-frendly lifestyle. Special guest public talk eco-activist Guzal Akhmetova said that informed consumption is inextricably linked with the environment. Cleanliness around you is unthinkable without mental cleanliness, guests of LEXUS ALMATY GREEN. DAY with pleasure joined the art therapy master class “The Art of Creating a Mandala - Purification and Harmonization of Consciousness”. They say that mandalas are able to fulfill wishes, we are sure that many of the guests of LEXUS ALMATY GREEN DAY have made a new hybrid Lexus.

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