The combined use of carbon dioxide baths with magnesium electrophoresis on the collar zone in coronary heart disease.

23 september 2019
Carbon dioxide baths - designed to ensure the restoration of a constant normal content of carbon dioxide in arterial blood. To regulate electrolyte, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, a dry carbonic bath is recommended, first of all, for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

Electrophoresis of magnesium is used to affect the nervous system and blood vessels. Magnesium sulfate - a 2-3% solution of magnesium sulfate, has a mild antispasmodic effect, relieving spasm of blood vessels, including vessels of the head and heart, as well as a sedative, antiarrhythmic, hypotensive effect.

Electrophoresis is an electrotherapy method, which consists in introducing various medicinal substances into the body in the form of ions through intact skin or mucous membranes using a constant or pulsed current. The combined effect of current and drugs on the body significantly increases the effectiveness of this method. A constant (galvanic) current causes irritation of the skin receptors, which causes a number of general and local reactions of the body. Electrophoresis has the following advantages over other treatments:

- a medicinal substance introduced by electrophoresis retains its specific effect on the body and usually does not have a general toxic effect;
- during electrophoresis, drugs accumulate in the thickness of the skin
-a depot of ions is created, which are retained for a long time in the body (up to 3 weeks);
- the drug substance is slowly and gradually excreted from the body;
- even small doses of drugs introduced by electrophoresis have an active effect, which is caused by increased sensitivity of tissues to them under the influence of direct current.

Despite the fact that medicinal substances enter the blood from the skin depot in very small quantities, their biological activity is high, since they are in an electrically active state. The electrophoresis session lasts about 15-30 minutes, the procedures are carried out every other day, less often - every day. Conducted usually from 10 to 30 sessions of electrophoresis.
The material was prepared by a doctor - physiotherapist of the sanatorium “Almaty Resort” - Rakhmetova Toleubala Tolegenovna.

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