Everything you need to know about hydrotherapy at «Almaty Resort»

8 october 2019

Mineral baths

Means for general healing and strengthening the protective functions of the body, relieving stress, increasing the tone of all vital organs.

Indications for use:

  •  Heart diseases and circulatory disorders (heart defects, coronary heart disease,    cordiomyopathy, peripheral arterial and vein diseases);
  •  diseases and inflammation of the central nervous system;
  •  diseases of the musculoskeletal system (chondropathy, osteopathy, soft tissue disease);
  •  respiratory diseases (bronchitis);
  •  gynecological diseases;
  •  obesity;
  •  skin diseases and inflammatory processes;
  •  climax;
  •  mild form of diabetes;
  •  violation of the thyroid gland.

Pearl baths

They are used for diseases of the central and peripheral nervous systems, as they reduce excitability, have a calming effect on the nervous system, reduce pain and restore the nervous regulation of muscles.

Indications for use:

  • Arterial hypertension of 1-2 degrees;
  •  neurocircular dystonia
  •  neurasthenia;
  •  post-traumatic asthenic syndrome;
  •  general fatigue.

Carbon dioxide baths (dry, wet);

They are designed to ensure the restoration of a constant normal content of carbon dioxide in arterial blood. Carbon dioxide baths are recommended, first of all, for patients with cardiovascular diseases, for the regulation of electrolyte, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. A dry bath can be taken even after a heart attack, in the early stages of rehabilitation, as well as after coronary artery bypass surgery. Due to the biological effect on the body, biological active substances are formed in it, improving all vital processes.

Therapeutic effects of carbon dioxide baths:

  •  Normalization of blood circulation;
  •  improving blood supply to the brain;
  •  improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  •  normalizes respiration in bronchial asthma and bronchitis;
  •  blood thinning;
  •  strengthening immunity;
  •  improving the protective properties of the skin, accelerating the healing process;
  •  contribute to the development of new small vessels;
  •  prevention of aging, rejuvenation of the body.

Two-chamber whirlpool baths; (manual, foot)

Means for general healing and strengthening the protective functions of the body, relieving stress, increasing the tone of all vital organs. Hydrotherapy procedures in which the temperature and hydrostatic factor of conventional bathtubs is enhanced by the monotonous movement of water in the bathtub (vortex).

Whirlpool baths contribute to:

  •   Improvement of blood circulation;
  •   stimulate microcirculatory processes in the skin;
  •   improve venous outflow of blood;
  •   have analgesic effect;
  •   increase the functional activity of the joints.

Underwater massage shower;

It is a hydrotherapy procedure in which a person’s body is massaged under water with a stream of water under high pressure. Underwater shower massage removes swelling and heaviness in the legs, tones the muscles, has a restorative and tonic effect.

Underwater massage shower is used:

  • Treatment of circulatory diseases;
  • musculoskeletal system;
  • respiratory and nervous system;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • spinal lesions with the development of osteochondrosis and radiculoneuritis;
  • joint diseases;
  • pathological menopause;
  • normalizes blood pressure in hypertension.

Underwater traction of the spine in plain water;

Underwater spinal traction or traction therapy is one of the most effective treatments for the musculoskeletal system. The therapeutic effect during underwater traction of the spine is due to the combined simultaneous exposure of the patient to warm bath water and traction. There is an effect on the musculo-ligamentous apparatus of the spine. Relieves muscle spasm, reduces intradiscal pressure, reduces pain.


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