Whirlpool baths and their role in physiotherapeutic treatment in the resort "Almaty Resort"

8 november 2019
Two-chamber whirlpool baths (manual, foot)
Means for general healing and strengthening the protective functions of the body, relieving stress, increasing the tone of all vital organs. Hydrotherapy procedures in which the temperature and hydrostatic factor of conventional bathtubs is enhanced by the monotonous movement of water in the bathtub (vortex).



Whirlpool baths contribute to:
  • Improve blood circulation;
  • stimulate microcirculatory processes in the skin;
  • improve venous outflow of blood;
  • have an analgesic effect;
  • increase the functional activity of the joints.



For medical treatment, call the phone number:

+7 727 300 35 00

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