Inhale the foothill air in the sanatorium "Almaty Resort"

11 november 2019

Climatotherapy, the use of climatic and weather factors for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, that is, strengthening the body’s health by the influence of climatic factors. The elements of the climatic-weather complex are the active ingredients in climate therapy: the position of the area above sea level, barometric pressure, air temperature, rainfall, strength and wind direction, cloudiness, solar radiation intensity. Our sanatorium belongs to mountain climatotherapy - the foothills (from 100 to 500 m above sea level). A full characteristic of the climatic resort includes landscape and climatic features and altitude.


The mountain climate is characterized by low atmospheric pressure, partial pressure of oxygen and water vapor, increased intensity of solar radiation, low temperature in summer, clean, transparent air. A large amount of negative ions in the mountain air has a positive effect on the body. Ultraviolet rays contribute to ionization. With a slightly lower temperature of the mountain air, working capacity improves significantly, attention, accuracy and coordination of movements, reaction speed, and the ability to switch from one type of work to another increase, which is used in sports medicine in preparation for competitions. Training in the mountains significantly increases the physical abilities of athletes. The mountain climate promotes in-depth breathing, increased lung capacity, and improved blood composition.

The main indications:
Mountain climatic resorts are indicated for patients with respiratory diseases, functional disorders of the nervous system, compensated diseases of the cardiovascular system.



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