How to make a Hollywood smile?

15 february 2019

The phrase "Hollywood smile" at the hearing for almost a century, and during this time its meaning has not changed. As in the era of languid on-screen beauties and flawless gentlemen, Hollywood smile means a reference state of teeth, charming in its glory. The modern standard is smooth, large white teeth without caries, yellowness and gaps between them. The most beautiful smile is considered “straight”, when the front teeth are on a par with each other. For women, the rounded edges of the teeth are ideal, for men - square. These are the parameters that serve as a model for dentists.

Improvement methods

How to make a Hollywood smile? To make your teeth perfect, doctors have a whole arsenal of tools. Of course, it’s worth starting not with cosmetic procedures, but with medical ones. Sick teeth need treatment first. Therefore, before practicing a smile, you should work on caries and carry out oral hygiene procedures.


Can we talk about a beautiful smile, if any of the teeth is missing, especially in the frontal zone? In this case, it is necessary prosthetics, with its help really achieve an excellent aesthetic result. Both externally and functionally, modern implants can replace natural teeth. At the same time, artificial teeth look natural and indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth, neither in color, nor in size or texture.


If a part of the tooth is preserved, but a larger percentage is lost and cannot be restored with a filling, the doctor will recommend installing a crown. There is nothing beautiful in a broken tooth; a tooth crown will help restore the tooth as it should be. Moreover, the restored tooth can even correct the small curvature of the adjacent teeth.
If there are chips, cracks, ugly carious lesions or too large gaps between the teeth, the patient can use the restoration. This is a technique for restoring teeth with the use of composite materials. In this case, the dentist with the help of modern materials artistically recreates the natural shape of the tooth, correcting its shortcomings.
Veneers and Lumineers
Veneers and Lumineers can be an effective alternative to teeth restoration. These are special linings, which are actually glued to the tooth, so that it will acquire a new “grand appearance”. Veneers and lumineers are placed on the four upper and lower incisors, or on all front teeth up to sixth molars inclusive. This method is suitable for masking the unsatisfactory shape of the teeth, their color and small curvatures. Thus, the lining allows you to get white and even teeth in the frontal zone - the dream of any Hollywood actor.
Braces and aligners
In some cases, the curvature of the teeth can not be corrected by any cosmetic means. Then the doctor will advise the installation of braces or transparent cap-aligners. Orthodontic treatment will be an important step to achieve a perfect smile, as it will make your teeth even, eliminate ugly gaps between them, correct the bite, which is equally strong for the patient's appearance.
If the teeth are fine, they are fairly even and healthy, the patient can only make them white. Professional whitening helps to achieve clarification for a given number of tones. The patient selects the desired color according to special samples. The degree of whiteness is determined individually - someone likes natural whiteness, someone prefers a dazzling white color, like the stars of the screen.


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