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Gaziz, 12 july 2019, friday
I wanted to express my great gratitude to the doctors !!! Especially physiotherapists. Cured my joints !!! And about the kitchen, a special thanks to the cooks !!! Everything is very delicious!!! Thanks to all the staff !!! I wish prosperity to your sanatorium !!!
Ermek, 11 july 2019, thursday
The best sanatorium in Kazakhstan! Rested the whole family, everything is fine, we liked it! I advise everyone, the service is not worse than in Turkey, and maybe even better! Holiday were satisfied! I wish prosperity sanatorium Almaty!
Akmaral, 29 march 2018, thursday
I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff. Loved the rooms - big clean. Good kitchen large dining room. Loved the pool) Good gym. On the territory there is tennis. Large landscaped park.
Valeria, 16 march 2019, saturday
Hello! We want to express special thanks to the staff of the sanatorium. Especially those who are so enthusiastic about the organization of rest, the service is very caring. We went together with her husband. I liked everything - it is an elegant food, and the room is clean, and good procedures, especially massage. We still feel the effect of the procedures! Thank you so much!